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Laser Surgery

Mountainside is one of the few veterinary hospitals in Maryland that offer CO2 laser surgery for all of our patients.

What is Laser?

The CO2 laser delivers a concentrated beam of light (at a specific wave length) which is highly absorbed in soft tissue.  The laser is a cutting tool for the surgeon instead of a steel scalpel.

What are the Advantages?

  1. The laser can "cut" tissue much more precisely than a steel scalpel (pinpoint accuracy).
  2. The laser seals off small blood vessels while it is cutting, which makes it ideal for "bloodless" surgery and decreases bleeding and seepage after surgery.
  3. The laser seals off nerve endings so there is much less post operative pain for the patient.  We are very concerned about pain management at Mountainside and the laser is wonderful at decreasing any post-op pain.
  4. There is less post-op tissue swelling when the laser is used versus standard techniques.
  5. Less anesthesia may be required.
  6. Minimal scar tissue is formed post operatively.
  7. The risk of infection is reduced as the laser sterilizes tissues as it cuts.

The many advantages of this surgical instrument have made the laser the most used piece of equipment in our practice.

Fell free to ask the doctors, technicians, and receptionists any questions you may have regarding laser surgery.


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