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Therapeutic Deep Laser Pain Management

We at Mountainside Veterinary Hospital are very concerned about pain management in pets. Because of this concern, we added Laser Surgery many years ago to decrease pain from surgery. In keeping with this theme in our clinic, we have added the latest technology for joint and soft tissue pain problems, a Class IV laser for Therapy Laser. This Laser reduces swelling in joints and soft tissues which dramatically reduces pain caused by the pressure. Treatments last 3 to 8 minutes per site and require no anesthesia. Your pet will be very comfortable as this laser produces only slight warmth in the inflamed tissue. Laser therapy for chronic conditions can require up to 5 or 6 treatments to get your pet to a very comfortable situation. Booster treatments are then required every 2 to 4 weeks afterwards to maintain the reduced pain.

Therapeutic Laser

Class IV therapeutic laser is used to routinely post-op on all surgeries at Mountainside Veterinary Hospital to reduce pain and inflammation.

If your pet is currently on a drug to reduce swelling and/or pain, we wanted you to know of this therapy. This treatment may reduce or eliminate the need for injections or oral medications.

Has your pet shown an intolerance to pain medications or incomplete pain reduction? Then your pet is a candidate for this therapy. Please call one of our staff, or talk to one of our veterinarians about this technology.

This technology has had FDA approval for over 6 years, and is used in Chiropractic Offices, Pain Management Clinics, Professional Sport Teams, and Veterinary Hospitals.

To learn more about the Class IV, please go to

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