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Our commitment to providing the best care possible for your pets means that we will strive to provide personalized care while having the newest technologies available.  Utrasonography is one of the many advanced technologies that we offer here at Mountainside Veterinary Hospital.

Utrasonography is the latest advance in general small animal medicine.  We at Mountainside are pleased to offer this exciting new imaging modality for our patients.  An ultrasound is different than an X-ray in that sound, rather than radiation, is used to create the image.  This enables one to not only see the structure one is looking at, but to also be able to "see" inside. 

Cat with bloody urine as a result of resistant infection -- blood clots in bladder -- surgery not required.

This technology is also useful in that for most patients, it can be performed while they are fully awake as it is completely non-invasive and painless.

Ultrasound exams are extremely useful in many aspects of veterinary medicine.  The ability to examine the inside of organs, such as the liver and spleen, becomes critical when organ dysfunction or cancers are suspected. 

Cat with blood urine as a result of a bladder stone -- surgery required.

An ultrasound exam of the bladder can find stones that can otherwise be missed, and can help determine when surgery should be performed as well as can help monitor the post-operative pet.

An ultrasound exam can also provide critical information needed to optimize your pet's care.  Ultrasound evaluation of your pet after a severe injury, such as a fall or motor vehicle accident, can provide information almost instantly to determine if emergency life-saving surgery is required.  This technology can also "look" inside the beating heart, thereby assisting us in diagnosing and monitoring heart conditions, and thus, enabling us to optimize therapy. 

Dog hit by car -- ruptured bladder -- fluid in abdomen -- emergency life-saving treatment required.

Finally, ultrasounds can also aid in breeding by diagnosing pregnancy earlier than radiology and more cost effectively than blood tests.

The veterinarians at Mountainside will utilize this new technology to better treat your pets.  Therefore, if you have any questions about this technology or any others here at Mountainside, then please call us, and we would be very happy to answer any questions you may have.


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